Friday, February 8, 2008

One Month Recap

It's officially been one month since we started our remodel. The house has come a long way, especially in the past week. Not only has framing started on interior walls, but all of our windows have been installed, the interior plumbing is finished, the line for the French drain has been installed on the side of the house (no more flooded hallway during the winter!), a new awning has been built over the front door (this one matches up with the roof line of the main body of the house now!), Nick and his crew have started installing fiber-cement siding, and Greg from Parsons Heating and Air has started our ventilation. We've run into a few snags this past week... but I'll talk about those next time! Here are the latest shots of the house:

Plumbing and Vetilation:

The New Awning:

The Trenches for the French Drain:

Looking Like a House Again:

Up next... Problems, solutions, and what we've learned so far.

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