Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moving Woes

With demolition day quickly approaching, Mike and I have made our best efforts to remove all of our worldly belongings from our home... to no avail.

Last weekend, a huge storm hit the Central Coast, so our moving efforts were cut short. And, to top it off, our yard sale was rained out. The result: several pieces of furniture and various other salable wares have been left scattered from room to room. At least during this storm, our hallway and bedroom didn't flood - well, didn't flood too much.

Our house looks like a squatter camp! At least the piles are organized though: Move to Storage, Yard Sale, and Move to Garage.

According to my AccuWeather.com Dashboard Widget, it should be clear this weekend. (Keep those fingers crossed!) Our new goal is to have everything out of the house Friday morning so that while I'm at work, Mike can go sledge-hammer-crazy on the drywall. And, hopefully, there will be a yard sale on Saturday.

After the house is empty, I will be posting the much anticipated "before" shots. Yippeee!!

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