Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Quick Update

OK, unlike the last "Quick Update," this one really will be quick! Since the last blog, our walls have all been insulated by the crew from Broken Drum Insulation. Gotta' love their tagline, "Broken Drum Insulation - We're hard to beat." Not only did the crew show up an hour early to get started (big points!!), but they also finished the whole house in less than a day.

After insulation went in, the crew from Drywall Dynamics took over. They finished installing drywall throughout the house and DensShield in areas where water would damage regular drywall if we ever spring a leak (such as bathrooms, laundry area, behind the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and fridge). Installation took about a day and half, and after inspection on Monday, they came back on Tuesday to tape joints and cover nail and screw heads.

Pictures will be posted soon, so check back!

Next up... Texture, paint, and then kitchen cabinets!

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