Thursday, March 27, 2008

Windows and Doors Revisited

In a previous blog, I talked about some problems we were having with the windows and doors we ordered from Hayward Lumber, or, more specifically, problems we were having with Hayward Lumber. I said that, "Our salesman was not returning phone calls from Nick (or Mike), and when he finally did, he never showed up when he said he would. In the end, Mike took a trip to Hayward Lumber to sort things out, and I must say, everything has since been handled satisfactorily." Well, I have decided to rescind the latter portion of that statement.

One thing that I did not mention in my previous blog was that our back door had not been delivered at all. No big deal, per a conversation with our salesman, we expected that it would take a little longer to arrive. Well, it has still not been delivered. After multiple calls to the salesman regarding the status of the order and delivery, we have been given (at least) three different delivery dates - yesterday was the most recent. Apparently, our door has actually been in for a month, but they "have not had any other deliveries to make in Morro Bay," and for some reason would not make a trip out to deliver our door by itself. (By the way, Hayward Lumber is in San Luis Obispo, and for those of you not familiar with the Central Coast, it is only 12 miles from Morro Bay). If this door cost us $50, I'd probably think that was a valid claim - it would cost them more to pay a driver for an hour of his time, wear and tear on the delivery truck, gas, etc., than the door was actually worth. However, this door, combined with the cost of our front door, was about 25% of our total bill.

At this point, to say that I'm frustrated would be the understatement of the year. The worst part? In any other instance, I'd just call them up, and speak with our salesman's supervisor; unfortunately, our salesman is the supervisor of the window and door department. And, to top it all off, we have to re-schedule our painter to stain and seal the door... again. *sigh* Their slogan is, "So You Can Build." I think they should change it to, "So You Can Build... Someday... Well, Maybe."

On the bright side, a representative from Milgard came out and adjusted all our windows, so they work beautifully now; the crew from Drywall Dynamics completed taping and texturing; our painter is rockin' and rollin' on the interior paint; and our cabinets were delivered today!

Pictures coming soon... I promise!

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