Friday, April 4, 2008

A Place for Everything

Our kitchen cabinets are in! I don't think I've been this excited about anything we've done so far (well, except maybe when the mud pile was removed from the inside of the house!). I cannot wait to unpack everything we have in storage, and, being the obsessive organizer that I am, I'm already planning where all our kitchen goodies will go! Some of my favorite things in the kitchen are the pull-out mixer shelf and open shelving for cookbooks at the end of the peninsula... oh, and lets not forget the massive island!

Here They Are:

The Stand Mixer Shelf:

Oh! And, before I forget, our back door was actually delivered as promised. Hayward Lumber gets one Brownie Point back for that one, but unfortunately, they are still in the negative in my book.

The Back Door:

The painting of the interior is finished (except for the back door) and everything looks great! The main color throughout the house, GrĂ©ge Avenue, is from the Benjamin Moore Classic Collection, the master bath is Philipsburg Blue, and the guest bath/laundry room is Van Courtland Blue (both from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection).

This morning, Dennis from Archimedes Granite headed out to our house to make the templates for our granite counter tops. We also picked up the slate and travertine tiles for the kitchen and master bath, and the hardware for all our doors. The tile work is scheduled to start on Tuesday, and the granite is scheduled to go in next Saturday.

We are hoping to be moving in within the next few weeks! *fingers crossed*

Next up... Laying tile, installing appliances, granite, hallway storage cabinets and custom banquette seating!

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Ben said...

Looks friggin' awesome! Mike showed me pictures of the slate - can't wait to see them full sized.