Monday, May 5, 2008

A Month in Review

I just took a look at my last post, and I cannot believe it's been a month since my last blog! Shame on me! I know you are all waiting for more photos and info with baited breath... LOL!

I'm sure you could guess that a lot has gone on in our little bungalow during the last month, so I'll start with a recap, and follow with photos. The slate tiles went down in the kitchen, guest bath, and hallway leading to the backyard without a hitch, and they look beautiful. The variation in the stone is just amazing, and almost every day, I find a new "favorite" piece. The weekend after the slate went in, Dennis from Archimedes Granite (with the help of his son-in-law, Zach) installed our beautiful granite counter tops. I got there just as they were bringing the slab in for the island. It was incredible to watch the two of them lift the huge slab into it's final position. If I had to give our island a name, I'd say it is Hawaii... as in, the big island!

Next came the range hood and appliances. Mike learned how to install a dishwasher, range, and garbage disposal. Turns out, sliding appliances into their niches on slate tiles isn't an easy feat! It took Mike and Nick over an hour just to get the range into position.

While all these things were going on, Barrett, the latest addition to our cast of characters, was busy building cabinets in our hallway, and the custom booth (or banquette) seating in what will be our dining area. Barrett is trained in the field of graphic design, and he also happens to be a sensational carpenter. His eye for detail is impeccable (which I believe comes from the graphic designer in him), and he took the time to ensure that the pieces he built for us would serve their intended function, and serve it well. He is a true craftsman.

Next, the focus shifted to the exterior of the house, and the dreaded sewer tie in. R&R Rolloff came to pick up the last of our 40 yard bins to make way for Ed Crye & Son Excavating to bring in their heavy equipment and start "the big dig." They were able to locate the sewer line quicker than expected, and they were in and out in about a day and a half.

Moving back to the interior of the house, my dad and I tiled the tub/shower surround in the master bath. It took us a full weekend, and a couple nights after work, but we got it all done, and it looks great. We added a stripe of travertine mosaics to the shower, and realized that we would have enough of it left over to tile the shower seat, and inside a wall niche... major time saver there! Note to self: Subway tiles look cool, but are incredibly tedious to install! The bathroom floor went much quicker. We used 18" square travertine tiles, and had to make very few cuts. A breeze compared to the wall tiles!

Just this past weekend, we switched focus again, and started laying the laminate flooring in the master bedroom. It took a little while to get going and become familiar with the product, but once we got the first few courses laid, the rest was a breeze. After flooring came baseboards in the master bedroom and bathroom, and the laundry area of the guest bath. We learned a valuable lesson in the realm of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" while installing the stacking washer and dryer. Don't get me wrong, everything ended up working out fine, but figuring out how to get the dryer connected to the vent and plugged in after it was stacked on the washer (in a space that was large enough to fit only the two appliances) was quite a challenge. As you'll see in the photo, we're lucky Mike has such long arms!

The Slate Flooring

The Granite Countertops

The Appliances

The Banquette Seating

The Last of the Bins

The Big Dig

Tile in the Master Bath

Floor and Baseboards in the Master Bedroom
(and Hallway Cabinets)

Connecting the Washer & Dryer

Next up... The Devil's in the details; finish work, plumbing, and moving in!

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